Friday, May 15, 2009

The "Girls" hard at work.

Alex and Ellie put Christopher's swing together yesterday. Ellie once again was so excited to use her building skills.

The fun is just beginning! Come on, Alex! Hurry up.....I'm ready to put the seat together.

Alex got her injury early in the building stage. The joke in our house is it's either her or I that get injured somehow-someway no matter what we're building or cooking. :o)

High Five, Sis!

So, what do you think Christopher? Ellie asked him at least three times if he liked his new swing.

The "building" audience.

As of today, the swing has been heaven sent! Thanks, Sayda for the perfect shower gift that will be used for hours to come. This is the only way that I got the dishes done today.

We also ordered the best monitor on the market! I love this thing as does Christopher and Ellie. I can start and stop music or beach noises from either remote and the base. It has great reception without interference. This thing is great! Just thought I'd share.

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