Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Bed for Christopher

Christopher is battling a nasty case of reflux so we needed to find a better way for him to sleep. When Ellie was a newborn we discovered the Fisher Price Glider. It was the best thing next to sliced was the only thing that allowed Ellie or Mommy & Daddy to get any shut eye.

Well, we ran Ellie's until the motor died so had to find one for Christopher. I finally found one at Babies R Us. It arrived yesterday so I thought I'd use it as a way to include Ellie in the care of her brother. Check these pictures out......she was so proud of her work!

Just look at the concentration.

Christopher in his new "Glider."

As you can see from our little man's picture, he's battling blocked tear ducts that have caused his eyes to become infected. We ventured out to the doctor and got some drops. Ouch.......he hates them! We're also using tear duct massage, warm compresses and fresh breast milk per the advice of my Mommy friends. I'm just praying it gets better soon! Look how sore they look. It seems like they bother him especially the right one. Sorry little man!

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