Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Friends....

What a great night with great friends! For the last three Fridays, Dina, Micki and Tracey have come over to keep me company. Of course, we have to have snacks and a chick flick. I love them! I know they're all busy with their families, moving, school, job situations, etc.....but they always make time to make sure I know that I'm loved.......You Girls Rock!!!! Love ya!

My Mom's group has also helped with meals and Wow, what a difference it has made......thanks so much, Girls! I've gotten my fix of cherries....not sure why I'm craving cherry everything. And, cucumbers with Ranch....Alicia brought the best looking cucumbers yesterday! Girl, they didn't even make it to the refigerator. :o) Crystal: your cake saved me! Little man hadn't been moving much the entire day and I was getting so nervous! Your cake did the would have laughed if you'd seen me in the kitchen with a fork diving into your cake. It so worked.......little man moved all night! I slept all night with a smile on my face! Everything has been wonderful.....Thanks so much for your love & support! DAMily Rocks! (this is my Mom's group meaning in the family.....I saw this word today and loved it!)

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