Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giving Thanks for the reason we celebrate Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to Everyone! As I enjoyed my family this holiday, grilling a good 'ole hot dog, whipping watermelon juice off of Ellie's face and sharing a pudding cake.......I reflected on all the stories and families whose loved ones have served in our military so we can have our freedom. I thank our Lord everyday for the men & women who have served our country and for the many freedoms that I enjoy everyday.

Please keep our friend, Ashley Dobbs in your thoughts and prayers. He's serving in Afghanistan as I type. His Mom and Dad are dear friends of our family so we get regular updates when they hear from him. The last update shared how quickly the weather is changing and how hot it is becoming. He said by 5 am it is not uncommon to have already sweated thru your shirt.....Wow, I will never complain about Texas heat again. He describes conditions that I can't imagine.

Ashley is an incredible young man! Let me share a bit....He felt a calling to serve in our military. Besides fighting for our freedom, he would have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of our Lord. He's able to minster and love on the soldiers in his team but also on the many innocent children that are touched by the war everyday. Thank You, Ashley for your desire to serve with Love and Integrity! We can't wait to share in your families Joy when you're able to come home!

Here's a picture of Ashley with some of the children in Sadr City. The gifts he gave the children came from friends here in the states. I just love this photo!

If you feel lead to send a note, homemade card or care package to Ashley......Here is his address. His parents shared that the care packages are all shared as some of the soldiers never receive anything in the mail and Ashley desires to share the love. This would be a great project to do with your kiddos.

UNIT # 6086
APO AE 09378

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