Friday, May 29, 2009

Please keep Christopher in your thoughts & prayers.

We're still struggling with little Christopher's reflux/tummy distress is a better name in my book. It seems like he's either nursing, having his diaper changed or crying. It breaks my heart that our little man is so uncomfortable and I can't take the hurt away. I mean, afterall isn't that what Mamma's are supposed to do.....kiss the boo-boo and make it "better, Mommy" as Ellie would say.

Ellie gets so upset when he's cries in obvious discomfort. "Mommy, me kiss Christopher." Than you know what happens.....the post partum hormones kick in and next thing you know Diva Mamma is crying too. You should see my daughter's puzzled look than. Sorry, Sweetie! You'll understand this whole hormone thing one day.

"Mommy, me call Mammie. " "Mommy, me call Harry." (this is our friend Karrie) "Mommy. me call Laura." And the list goes on and on......she was sure that we needed help comforting her little brother. I love that she already loves him! Do you think it will last?


  1. I'm so sorry Stacey! big hugs!

  2. Oh her cheeks and curly hair just slay me. She is a cutie, better watch out Mom!